Tri-M Music Honor Society

Advisor: Mr. Avidon

Meetings: Dates TBD - Monthly in Orchestra Room


President: Brooke Tratner

Vice-President: Yuma Okada

Secretary: Peleg Wolfsohn

Treasurer: Ella Yurovskiy

Publicist: Prema Marin

Tri-M Music Honor Society is the official Tri-M chapter at Fair Lawn High School. Advised by the Band Director, Mr. Avidon, Tri-M is a collection of hard working, dedicated music students from all across FLHS's Music Department. From the Band, to the Orchestra, to the Chorus, to Marching Band-- and more. Tri-M is a place for musicians to come together and bring music to the greater community, with an emphasis for members on tutoring, performing, and volunteering in all kinds of music-related activities.

In order to join Tri-M, one must fulfill basic membership requirements, which include;

     -Being a Sophomore, Junior, Senior

     -Participating in at least one music course at FLHS

     -Retaining a GPA 3.0 or higher

Once basic requirements are fulfilled, prospective members apply to join Tri-M, which in addition to the abovementioned requirements, also needs a recommendation from a music teacher at FLHS. Finally, accepted members are responsible for completing hours, participating in Music Department events, and attending/performing at concerts.

Tri-M is a great experience, and a wonderful place to be for students who love music. If you think you might be interested, go to the "Link" page and click on the top link to fill out Tri-M's Interest Form, or alternatively, click the link below! After you fill it out, you will be contacted with instructions on how to access Tri-M's official Membership Application. 

Click here to access the interest form! Be sure to visit the "Links" page as well!

Also be sure to check out our other page​​​​​​​ with information about hour opportunities, and other Tri-M related activities.