Family & Consumer Science


Childcare Honors: This ten (10) credit honors course is designed to prepare high school seniors for a career in education, or a related profession that involves the ability to work with young children. This course includes the study of child growth and development, techniques in child guidance, preschool education management, preschool curriculum and lesson planning, and related career options. Students will also explore how to integrate technology into a preschool classroom, and how to positively interact with parents. Additionally, students will create a teaching portfolio, showcasing their exemplary work and reflection of their performance and growth throughout the year. Up to six (6) Bergen Community College credits are available for those achieving a "C" or better.
Offered to 12th grade students

Culinary Arts 1*: The purpose of Culinary Arts I is to introduce students to the fundamentals of cooking through activity based learning. Students will be exposed to many issues of meal preparation. Techniques and skills are applied and used in classroom instruction and activities which provide students with a valuable life skill or potential career. Useful consumer choices and career topics are presented, helping students understand the role food and cooking impacts their everyday life. Students will be introduced to safety and sanitation techniques, time management, critical thinking, teamwork, problem solving used in a variety of scratch cooking units done by students, guided by teacher and the New Jersey State Student Learning Standards. Three (3) Bergen Community College credits are available for those achieving a "C" or better.
Offered to 11th and 12th grade students

Culinary Arts 2: The purpose of American Regional Cuisine is to go on a food related learning journey around the United States. Students will develop an appreciation for and an understanding of our country’s past and present by preparing foods from around the country. Students will recognize that food choices, availability, and preference are influenced by cultural, ethnic, historic and geographic factors. This course will show how environmental circumstances, geography, food supply and creativity altered foreign immigrants’ traditions, eating and food patterns to form a new American cuisine. Students will prepare many representative dishes and meals from the six regions of the United States. The purpose of International Cuisine is to study the history culture, customs and geography which influence the cuisine around the world. This course will develop an appreciation of new and unusual food and help identify how global food choices are interrelated.
Offered to 12th grade students