Student Assistance Program

Counseling Services

A student is invited to discuss any problem with his/her counselor, whether it concerns scheduling, educational, or vocational plans, or personal matters. It is wise to make an appointment in advance at the counseling office.


The District may predicate the return of a student pursuant to this policy upon the student's participation in an appropriate program for assistance or rehabilitation. Upon the student's return to school following a positive assessment, the student and family will meet with the student assistance counselor to monitor compliance with the recommended treatment program. If student and family refuse to cooperate, then the administration will be notified and the procedures will be implemented to place the student on bedside instruction. Should a recommendation for counseling or treatment be mandated, it is the parent/guardian's responsibility to pay for all treatment costs.

Additionally, the I&RS/504 team, or, where appropriate, the Child Study Team, and the student assistance counselor will help the student's adjustment upon his/her return to school.

Bergen County Satellite Center

This program provides one-half day of vocational and technical industrial/commercial arts career training, which is coordinated with the student ‘s high school schedule. All academic classes and co-curricular activities are taken at Fair Lawn High School. Any student who has completed grade nine may apply through the counseling office for admission. Reciprocity regarding discipline exists between the two schools. If a student is suspended from either school, the student is suspended from both schools for the time indicated.


The Fair Lawn High School Core Team is an interdisciplinary committee whose purpose is to help students who are having school related problems because of alcohol or drug use. This committee, in conjunction with the Student Assistance Counselor, seeks to identify, intervene with, refer and support students with substance abuse difficulties as well as those who have a family situation which affects them.

Intervention and Referral Services

The I & RS is a school based team which supports and guides classroom teachers in developing and implementing strategies to assist a student who is having difficulty in school. This group meets with the parent/guardian to review data and to determine a mutually acceptable plan for assisting the student.

District 504 Officer: Dr. Natalie Lacatena

The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, section 504, is a federal civil rights statute that protects the rights of persons with disabilities. School districts have the responsibility to identify and to evaluate a student for appropriate and reasonable educational services.

Other Services

Students may also avail themselves of the services of volunteer teacher mentors, peer leaders, and the Student Programs Specialist. (Refer to posted literature or see your Counselor.)