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Emergency lesson plan

We are in an unprecedented moment in human history. A moment for us all to digest copious amounts of information. An attempt to discover and comprehend our emotional deluge…attempt to locate some sort of balance. Students are frail and overwhelmed, nervous and scared. Not all have an instructor that anchors them or a daily solid object to reinforce and support them through this event. What we can do as their Art teachers is create an environment of energy and freedom. Create a passage to tap our conscious and imagination. Through art we can unlock the mind and release the stress and fear that contain our creativity. One can harness that same energy to demonstrate boundless examples of self-expression and inner reflection. The escape within creativity and artistic purpose allows one to release the pressures that weigh down our conscious.

The exodus from fear and uncertainty for these students breathes light to our sensations and worldly existence…it guides us to a status of individual acceptance in “our” collective world. Art is our escape from this current reality. It is an opportunity to release the doubt and concern of the unknown. It is my hope in a time of so much emotional unbalance, we can contribute stability and a sense of peace to our students.

Providing strength…guidance…and fun….a time to bring a little stability.

Over View:

Students have already been introduced and viewed many sculptural designs by Andy Goldworthy.

Students will collect either rocks, leaves, weeds, sticks, twigs, bark, mulch, dirt, sand, acorns, acorn caps, etc. to create a nature based design or sculptural form. The concept can be a flat more two dimensional design or a layered full three-dimensional form. Students must be creative when planning their design and compiling the materials to fabricate the project. Students are encouraged to have an interesting composition or shape when thinking of their “sculptural” design. The design can be flat on the ground or could be three dimensional. The design can be an actual object or “thing”, example, a turtle made from stones and twigs. The project concept could also be a strong design reflecting examples of our Elements of art or Principles of design. The concept could be symmetrical in design demonstrating multiple shapes and diverse sizes creating a strong visual form with movement.

Students should focus on the Elements of Art when selecting their objects. Dose the object have texture, colors or shades of a color? Do the objects have defined shapes and lines that can form a design? How could we show movement or patterns with the individualized characteristics of each found object. By utilizing the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design the students will reinforce their knowledge of strong composition to construct attention grabbing “land art”.

Connection to Standards: 1.1-12.A1, 1.3-12.D1, 2.2-12.D1; 3.2-12.D2; 3.2-12.D3, 3.2-12.D4

Instructional Input:

·         Direct students to research and locate images and videos of sculptural creations of Andy Goldsworthy.

·         Direct students to create illustrations or sketches of the concept to insure proper and durable construction and strengthen overall aesthetics.

·          Converse with students to encourage concept design and enhance creative process.
·         Instruct and guide students in locating natural objects to fabricate original design.
·         Guide students through fabricating design when constructing 3-D forms insuring structural stability.

Instructional Input:

·         Demonstrate through verbal prompts fabricating techniques that will assist students in the construction of their individual sculpture.
·         Contact and communicate daily with students via google classroom to encourage and facilitate creative learning and decision making skills.
·         Individually connect with students who are struggling with project concept or design function.


·         Students will be able to navigate a natural environment to locate found objects that have defining characteristics exhibiting qualities that emphasis our Elements and Principles.
·         Students will be able to create challenging and “personalized” sculpture and construct them to form either a flat design or a three dimensional object with high craftsmanship levels.
·         Students will be able to identify and demonstrate how to use the tools necessary for creating a three dimensional sculpture with structural stability.
·         Students will reinforce the Elements of Shape, Space ,Color, Line and most importantly Textures when completing natural found sculptures.
·         Students will explore their domestic environment locating simple objects to create complex sculptures that demonstrate clear examples of Elements and Principles.
·         Students will complete the sculpture with grade level craftsmanship and within designated project time.

Suggested Materials

  • Rocks,pebbles and decorative stones- shape and patterns

  • Branches,twigs - lines and movement

  • Bark from trees- texture, colors and patterns

  • Leaves, foliage and weeds/ grasses- colors,textures and depth

  • Rope, mulch and vines - lines,texture and contrast

  • Sand and gravel

  • Acorns, acorn caps,fallen fruit or seed pods - shape,form 


   Students will evaluate their own work and discuss the techniques and skills used to create and connect the more advanced design concepts to create a uniform sculpture. Student and teacher will discuss how simple natural “objects” where collected and arranged to form the distinct design or pattern. I will emphasize how in a time when we are alone with nature, one can discover that there can be art hiding within the simplest forms and objects. I will reinforce the skills learned through accrued studio experiences as well as from previous art projects to assist the students in the techniques they use for current and future distance learning projects. Written communication will be a primary source of instruction for the emergency based projects and will be a challenging course for some students to embark. As the instructor I will inspire and assist the students through verbal direction and guidance.