STEM League

Interscholastic STEM League

Since 2014, Fair Lawn High School has competed in the Interscholastic STEM League as founding members of the league. The team is coached my Mr. Mondadori, Mr. Metwally, Ms. Hagens, with assitance by Mrs. Battaglia and Mr. Durso. Since 2016, Memorial Middle School and Thomas Jefferson Middle School have participated in the Middle School league. Memorial is coached by Lindsey DeBellis; TJ is coached by Mrs. Goldberg and Mr. Steiner. Mr. Durso provides assistance.

Fair Lawn STEM LEAGUE Team Wins First Place at NorthernValley Competition.

Fair Lawn Hosts STEM LEAGUE competition with TESLA Sponsor!

Water Filtration STEM League @ Northern Valley (Oct 2015)

Grand Finale STEM Leauge @ Northern Valley (June 2015)

First Ever STEM League Competiton @ Waldwick (Nov 2014)

Stem league