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Mr. Zisa

Business Ed Teacher

Welcome! I am Peter Zisa. I teach the following business courses for the 2020-21 academic year.

Period 1 Honors/Financial Accounting 2
Period 2 Honors/Financial Accounting 1
Period 3 Honors/Financial Accounting 1
Period 5 Honors/Financial Accounting 1
Period 7 Honors/Financial Accounting 2
Period 8 Honors/Financial Accounting 2

I am also the Spring Semester Service Learning Coordinator.

I am also the Girls & Boys Head Volleyball Coach.

Phone: (201) 794-5450
Email Mr. Zisa
Room #: B206

Emergency Lesson Plan

You will only need to visit this page in the event that Google is down. In case it is, please complete the following assignment:

Please find a recent article on line, from a REPUTABLE source that is related to accounting or finance. Please create a new word document with your name and period # in the heading. On the first line after the heading, copy and paste a hyperlink to the article you found. Next provide a BRIEF summary of the article and how it relates to any of the accounting or finance topics discussed throughout our course. Upon completion, save this document, and await further instructions once Google is up and running. You can always email me with any questions.