Bake Sale Calendar

***Bake Sales are back!***

How to Book your Bake Sale:

Bake Sales are open to all FLHS approved co-curricular activities, as well as affiliated parent groups. Individual groups may not exceed one date per month. Only adult supervisors can sign up for dates.

  1. Read ALL these steps FIRST before you request a date.

  2. Open the request link in the Advisor's Google Classroom

  3. Fill in the Club Name and the advisor email.

  4. Find an available date and click on the available time.

  5. It's very important you click on the available time. If you don't you are leaving it open for other clubs.

  6. Click the submit button.

  7. Check your email for a submission confirmation.

  8. Then you will receive another email when it has been confirmed or denied

Special notes:

Bake Sales should be set up at the designated space in the D-Cafe. The sale may begin at the conclusion of the regular school day, 2:35pm, and can end any time up through 3:30pm. Clearly display the name of the organization hosting the sale. All refuse should be cleared of the area at the conclusion of the sale.

Please review these important safety protocols and guidesline:

FLHS Bake Sale Guidelines