It's not whether you win or lose but its how you play the game. Fair Lawn is committed to the highest levels of sportsmanship in all sports, on and off the field. Parents and athletes please read this letter from the Big North Conference​​​​​​​ along with the attached code of behavior for athletic events

Fair Lawn High School Athletic Philosophy
The athletic program at Fair Lawn High School is an outgrowth of our physical education and health program and therefore, is an integral part of the district’s total educational program. The interscholastic competitive environment will provide an opportunity for our student athletes to learn positive life skills, values, and ethics in a climate that demands dedication, responsibility, self discipline, a positive work ethic and respect for others. This program will provide an opportunity for all to share their common interests, respect their differences and appreciate physical competition as a lifelong process.
All involved in the program must show a personal commitment to the goals of the team and make the personal sacrifices necessary to achieve success. Making such a commitment to excellence nurtures a sense of pride, loyalty and leadership qualities in a student athlete, enabling the individual to become more resilient and better prepared to face life’s challenges. This unique experience allows students to achieve their full potential as students, athletes, and citizens.

The Fair Lawn High School Athletic Program encourages and promotes good sportsmanship and friendly relationships throughout the school community by requiring courtesy and decorum at all times. The coaches, all parents, and spectators are expected to conduct themselves as true sportsmen in victory as well as defeat. It is the nature of athletic competition to strive for victory. However, the number of victories is only one measure of success. Ultimately the real challenge is guiding the individual and the team to reach its full potential. This is the true measure of achievement.
The Fair Lawn High School Athletic department recognizes that the primary responsibility of the student athlete is their education. Therefore the athletic department supports the concept that student athletes should work to their potential in the classroom and be committed to achieving maximum academic success. Coaches and teachers will be encouraged to reinforce academic and behavioral expectations to those students not meeting appropriate standards. Therefore, athletes are expected to cooperate with the guidelines established for those individuals who need to focus on greater academic responsibility and achievement.

Spectator Code of Conduct