Athletics Forms / Tryouts / Important Dates

2023-2024 School Year

Black-out Dates (NO Athletic Activity)

July 3rd through July 7th 2023 (Independence Day Holiday Week)

July 29th through August 6th 2023 Non-Contact Period

2024-2025 School Year

Black-out Dates (NO Athletic Activity)

July 1st through July 5th

August 4th through August 12th

Sports Physical Due Dates:

2023 Fall Season - July 7th 2023

2023 Winter Season - October 27th 2023

2024 Spring Season - February 9th 2024

2024 Fall Season - July 8th 2024

2024 Winter Season - Oct 25th 2024

2025 Spring Season - Feb 10th 2025

*Please note:  Additional information on NJSIAA - Fall - Winter - Spring important dates can be found on attachments listed below (PDF Files). 

Any student trying out for a team sport must have a current physical exam (done within the past year) on file with our School Nurse.  Send all Physicals via: email the School Nurse, Joanne Marotta  If you would like to drop of athletic physicals, please email Mrs. Marotta to setup a time for drop off.  These forms (#1, 6, 11) must be handed in to the School Nurse by due dates (listed above by Season).

NEW Physical Form Requirements (read this letter)- The following forms are required.

  1. Pre-Participation Physician's Form (completed by physician & parents)

  2. Athletic Code of Conduct​​​​​​​

  3. NJSIAA Concussion Consent Form

  4. Sudden Cardiac Death Information | Sign Off Form

  5. Steroid Waiver Form

  6. Emergency Information Profile

  7. Opioid Educational Fact Sheet

  8. Impact Concussion Testing

  9. Opioid Video Letter

  10. NJDOE Health History Questionnaire (MANDATORY)

  11. FLHS Pledge/Covid 19 Checklist​​​​​​​

  12. ​​​​​​​Athletic Bus Waiver​​​​​​​

Forms 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10  must be completed / acknowledged online on the Genesis Parent Portal. DO NOT print the forms and return to the School Nurse (not necessary).

All student athletes are required to take a Baseline Impact Concussion Test (Form#9). NO student can participate in sports without completing this baseline test.  This is state mandated.  Please make sure to follow the direction and complete this. This is good for 2 years.

After a student participates in a sport and wants to be eligible to participate in another sport in a NEW ATHLETIC SEASON, it is mandatory that the student fills out the NJDOE Health History Questionnaire form as well as an Emergency Information Profile. These forms (#6 and #11) must be returned to the School Nurse, Mrs. Joanne Marotta, prior to the opening tryout.

2022 BNC Sportsmanship letter to Parents.pdf

FLHS Bus Waiver REVISED22-23.pdf

FLHS Website Letter 2022-23.pdf

Impact Concussion Testing-1.pdf

NJSIAA Sports Season Dates for 2022-2023.pdf

Opioid video letter 2019.pdf